Water Treatment Consultancy

Why need water treatment consulting?

When the awareness of engineering and operators working relevant to water treatment is questionable on chemicals knowledge, water treatment technology, and basic awareness of water treatment process. Water consultants are needed due the lack of basic chemistry knowledge of many right chemical needs for treatment process, and equipment suppliers and conflicts of interest between proper plant operation and treatment versus sales. An independent water treatment consultant will provide unbiased advice in order to make the best decisions for the operation.

Facilities that do not properly address water treatment needs risk overspending on treatment programs (that may prove ineffective) and also risk millions of dollars in affected equipment and treatment cost.

It is our job to bring you new pictures and identify reasonable alternatives and evaluate the best based on the customer needs


We bring you new pictures and with at minimum the following outcomes:

Set of comprehensive assessment report to identify the gaps with propose workable corrective actions

  • Optimize water treatment performance
  • Improve quality of the output water for the new specification needed
  • Building basic water treatment process and water chemistry
  • Options to innovation and sustainable solutions
  • Help in choosing optimal solution in terms of cost and energy-efficiency
  • Identify opportunities for reuse and reduce water use
  • Optimize chemicals consumptions