PRIVACY and Confidentiality POLICY

Our commitment to safeguarding customers and Clients’ personal information

We, SASTRA Team, are fully aware of the importance of personal information, and business information of our client, and people who visit or/and giving information through our website. In our business it is crucial important for us to utilize those provided information by our customer and clients in order to best service and comprehensive report only.

And also, we fully understand that, we must manage above information properly and securely, so that those information are not leaded. We know that such leakage would cause us to lost trust of our customers, and reputation of our company. Therefore it is a high priority for use to keep those information as high secure and strictly confidential.

As such, we have established bullet points here below as our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of SASTRA Team.


  1. Restriction of the scope of acquisition

In the course of our service, we will acquire relevant information by setting the clear purposes, which shall be relevant to good business activities, and to the extent necessary for achieving such purposes.

  1. Restriction of use

Unless otherwise agreed by the individual or permitted by law, information gathered during consulting service shall not be used for any purpose other than those notified to the individual or publicly announced.

  1. Proper acquisition

Information shall be acquired by fair and lawful means and, where appropriate, with the notification to the individual or public announcement of the purposes of use.

  1. Accuracy of the data, etc.

In case of holding information, we will keep it to meet the purposes of use, as well as to keep it accurate, complete and up-to-date.

  1. Security

In holding client information, will take any reasonable security measures to prevent such risks as disclosure, loss or destruction of the data.


  1. Non-disclosure of data

We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and make every effort to prevent its disclosure.

  1. Compliance

We will comply with all privacy laws and regulations of the countries where they exist, as well as the provisions in this Policy.

  1. Utilizing personal information

Upon complying with the above provisions, Yamaha will utilize personal information provided by customers in order to offer better services to them.

  1. Our Website

We operate through our website as the following

  1. Management of information Data


As a rule, we do not release personal data gathered from customers on whatever the means outside SASTRA Team.  However, there are some exceptional cases where information data is released if it is logically determined that such release is necessary for one of the following reasons.

  • Cases where the customer has agreed beforehand to releasing the data.
  • Cases where there is a legal edict demanding that the data be released.
  • Cases where it is necessary to cooperate in the lawfully valid work (investigations, etc.) of national government or local public officials or those commissioned by them and there is reasonable concern that seeking the permission of the user beforehand would be detrimental to said work.


  1. Technical and Managerial Measures for protection of information Data


In the handling of personal data about the customers, our website takes the following measures to ensure that the data is kept secure without being subject to loss, theft, leaks, alterations or defilement.

On our website, all pages in which customers can input personal data are protected by SSL so that our users can be assured of the security of their data transmissions.

The personal data and other information supplied by the customers through our website is never released outside except in those ways specified in the rules of this Privacy Policy.

On our website, the utmost efforts are taken to ensure that no loss, theft, leaks, alterations or defilement of our customers’ personal data occurs as a result of hacking, similar actions or computer viruses.

To ensure that no loss, theft, leaks, alterations or defilement of our customers’ personal data occurs, we regularly back up our data and make use of the latest anti-virus vaccine programs.