ISO Certification Program


With our professional and vast experiences with management system, such as ISO, HACCP, and GMP system implementation in numbers of manufacturing industries, we bring those workable and practical system to your organization.

Whatever the management tools are currently use, from looking at what your business is d0ing, we can bring you new pictures ,with recommendation that substantially improve your operation.

Management Systems include, but are not limited to, ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, IS022000, FSSC2200, HACCP, and GMP for general business,


We bring you new pictures and with at minimum the following outcomes:

Set of documented procedure, policies, that sustain your business operation and improve routine capabilities

We assist you to develop management system, Quality, Environment, work safety, and food safety goals, and clear responsibility and accountability for those goals

Give some guideline, or industrial benchmarks in some cases, metrics for key performance indicators that are linked to your business plan

We have capable and experiences auditors. Our audit team can provide you an internal audit and management review process that will identify potential gaps versus the applicable local legislation, international standard, which is not delivering satisfactory result in term of quality goals.


Accredited registration of your management system

We are not accreditation body. Our main role is to help you to get your system certified. Our core service is to work with your appointed to  develop documentation as listed in requirement of international management standard, identify several process improvement opportunities, as well as a number of actions that when implemented, will reduce waste, scrap and rework with your operations.


Block Flow Diagramming Session

We visit your operation, take a tour on floor, and review the existing documentation that you have put together, and we perform a block flow diagram (BFD) analysis. This analysis will identify the full scope of your operations from an ISO perspective, a perspective that will include your suppliers, any subcontractors, your customers, and all the facilities and processes within your operations.


Process Flow Diagrams

We help you to develop or enhance existing process flow diagram. Our professional and experience specialist do interview personnels who actually do the work on the floor in order to develop your system. We understand the needs for floor, understand tools they need to improve your business operation. As of all, the processes we create are captured from your people and for your management system implementation.

Manual Creation

Our team create system compliance, policies, procedure and consolidate these for your manual and your approval. Implementation of developing manual and policies can be in parallel when this project is taking place.

Gap Analysis

Our methodology is focus mainly on gap analysis. We can offer initial gap analysis, and give full comprehensive report, which can give new picture of where you are now, what are the necessary action including cost to get your system initial certified or continue to recertification. In this way, we eliminate considerable time, cost and rework from the overall project. That in turn enables us to get you registered much more quickly.


Internal Audit

A qualified auditor will be employed to conduct the audit, which will take between one and two days to complete, or more which is subject to the size of operation. The audit itself will be documented in an audit binder that we will create on your behalf. Any corrective actions that are required will be written up by our auditor and placed within the audit binder. The auditor will then review with your quality system representative exactly what each corrective action refers to, and will discuss detailed actions that will rapidly and effectively close out the corrective action request. Coaching will also be provided on how to respond to corrective action requests.

Management Review

We facilitate a management review meeting during project implementation period. We will create an agenda for this meeting that complies with the requirements of the standard, and will demonstrate how such a meeting can be conducted in order that it becomes an effective tool for action and quality improvement. A record of the management review meeting and the actions arising from that meeting will be required to meet the requirements of the ISO based standards.

External Audit

We provide coaching on how to pass an audit, and will help remove the stress from the event by providing strategies and techniques for working with the auditor effectively. In 100% of the registrations that we assist clients with, the registrar makes a clear recommendation for registration at the time of the external audit. What remains is to clear up the few remaining findings, to receive the ISO registration certificate, and of course to maintain the system.


Although our service does most of the technical work, ultimately it is up to the client to implement and “live” in the new management system processes.

Appoint a Management Representative who will ensure that the management system processes are implemented, maintained and up to date.

Provide an “Mangement System  War Room” where we can conduct training, coaching, interviews and planning sessions with .

Full participation in the project to develop block flow, process flow diagramming, management review meeting and in the Internal Audit events.