Hotel and Restaurant Food Safety

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Venue: Class room
Day recommended 2 days
Proficiency Fundamental of Food Safety Awareness for Restaurant and Hotel
Trainer TBC
Abstract: This course give overview of basic awareness relevant to food safety practices at Hotel and Restaurant.
Course Description: Good food hygiene is to ensure that food prepared is safe and no harm to consumers. Even small food handlers, such as individual restaurants, bars and cafes should have food safety management procedures based on the principles of food safety regulation, but adapted to the size of their business and the complexity of their food preparation processes. In some countries it is a legal requirement.
Target Participant(s) Service Staffs, Cooks, Waiters waitress, chef, , Food Safety Team, HACCP Team. Document control personnels
Learning Objectives: Contents

  • An introduction to food safety and hygiene
  • Food Safety Hazards and Contamination
  • Why Food Safety is important
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Hygienic Premises and Equipment

Outcomes from the training

  • Understand food safety terms commonly used when discussing industry practice
  • Understand the consequences of poor food safety and hygiene
  • Know about practical activities to prevent and control hazards.
  • Understand why personal hygiene is so important
  • Be able to keep surfaces and equipment hygienically clean
Materials provided:
  • Presentation slides of System audit in English or Khmer
  • Other relevant materials
Certificates: To be confirmed by training organizer