Energy Assessment Consultancy

Why need energy assessment/consulting?

Do you have a picture of how your energy consumption is optimized?  With a professional service of energy lost assessment, generally it will give you new picture of detail where are your money has gone down to drain on energy use, and where are the opportunities for saving with little or no capital investment.

Our service is to detect inefficiencies and identify cost-saving solutions that will improve your bottom line. Receive an extensive report with cost-reduction recommendations from an experienced energy consultant.

What is Energy Assessment?

An energy assessment is an effective tool to identify ways to reduce the amount of energy your operations use every day, which is not limited to the following types: Comprehensive Energy Assessment, Base Energy Assessment and Energy Evaluation.

A Comprehensive Energy Assessment is a complete review of energy usage including electricity, natural gas, other fuels and the systems that convert and use them such as compressed air, steam, heating and cooling systems, lighting and process systems. The assessment will also include water and sewage usage.

Base Energy Assessment: Identify ways to improve energy efficiency. Receive a targeted review of your energy use in a custom report provided by an experienced energy manage

Energy Evaluation: Identify energy-saving opportunities and cost-reduction options. Receive findings and suggestions for improving your bottom line.

We do site visits to your facility and will work together with your staffs to discover energy-saving opportunities.

It is our job to bring you new pictures and let us help to reduce your energy cost.


We bring you new pictures and with at minimum the following outcomes:

Set of comprehensive assessment report to identify the gaps with proposed workable corrective actions

  • Energy-saving recommendations and Cost Reduction Actions (CRA’s)
  • Implementation costs and a summary of recommendations sorted by greatest savings potential
  • A discussion of energy use and costs at your facility
  • Charts and graphs showing how you use energy
  • Implementation costs and payback information
  • A brief description of energy-saving ideas to help you get your energy-saving projects underway
  • Assess on Air Sealing, insulation performance, Temperature and Moisture control, Ventilation..etc
  • Compressed Air
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Process Cooling
  • Process heating
  • Give rough calculation versus current lost and saving opportunities