About us


We believe that sharing experiences give us more opportunities to learn, and give the world various choices.. ! The fun part is figure out the different ways people can do. The best part it is also good for business. Stuffs we share here, will clear a path for others, so that they can confidently go on to be bolder, think bigger and do better.

Sastra (សាស្ត្រា), to us, is derived from Sasträ (សាស្ត្រ)  (ន.)  គម្ពីរស្លឹករឹត, គម្ពីរប្រាប់វិទ្យា, គម្ពីរសាសនា; ច្បាប់, ច្បាប់ប្រដៅ ក្បួន, តម្រា; វិជ្ជា; ការសិក្សា; ពាក្យណែនាំ, ពាក្យពន្យល់; ពាក្យបង្គាប់ (bible, legislation, guidelines, bunches of instruction, set of methods, books for explanation, or guiding principles.  This is name for our site, and we want it to be a source for sharing knowledge, and experiences.

We are found with various professional consultants in Cambodia, friends we studied at colleges, colleagues we used to work with, friends we used to have collaboration in some projects. There is a saying: Sharing knowledge and experience does not cost money! This is a site for sharing knowledge, and experiences…  We also provide professional consulting service on ISO, and Food safety Management system, operation improvement tools for wide range of industries in Cambodia upon request.

From Sastra Team

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