Do you know how many types of potable water?

Type of drinking water:


In local trade nowadays some, bottled drinking water claim various trade names, such as mineralized drinking water, Mineral drinking water, spring water, carbonated mineralized water, purified drinking water…etc.

Naturally and technically, there are certain definitions of drinking water as per international standard and some has been defined in local legislation too. In local water standard under section 2, there is various definitions of drinking water:


  • Artesian water (Borehole Water) : Water from deep well or a confined aquifer
  • Purified water: It is A common drinking water which are bottled and packed available in trade. Water that is produced from certain multi-barrier systems including RO and Ozone, or sometime it is named “ Demineralised water”, “ Deionized Water”, and “ Reverse Osmosis Water”
  • Mineral Water: Water that contains not less than 250 ppm TDS (Part Per Million, Total Dissolved Solid). Mineral water can be claimed unless there is no mineral may be added to mineral water which a protected underground water source
  • Sparkling Bottled Water: This water contain Carbon Dioxide which is added when bottling after a particular treatment process
  • Spring Water: Available at some specific and geologic area, it physically flows naturally to the surface of the earth from a borehole.

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