BEC: ៧​ជំហ៊ានសំរាប់ មូលដ្ឋានតំហែទាំ​ឧបករណ៍​ / 7 steps for Basic Equipment Care

Total Process Reliability requires a shared philosophy of equipment and facility care across maintenance, contractors, operations and engineering. Basic Equipment Care (BEC) is one of the most powerful tools for achieving shared accountability, pride and most importantly, better efficiencies. There are principally 7 steps to implement BEC. Learn how to bring maintenance, operations, and contractors together to achieve the common goal of improving our equipment reliability. Implement today, sustain tomorrow!

  1. Clean and inspect
  2. Eliminate problem sources and inaccessible areas
  3. Draw up cleaning and lubricating standards
  4. Conduct general inspections
  5. Conduct autonomous inspections
  6. Standardize through visual workplace
  7. Implement autonomous equipment management

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